In Response To Sheeba – Jonathan Hughes

In Responce to Sheeba – Jonathan Hughes

I have noticed that artist now a days have inputed the Indian culture into their music videos. The biggest thing is the looks, as in the clothes that the artist wears and the back up people wear. The other is the back drop with the children are throwing powdered colors in the air.

It amazes me that people think that it is offensive by what these artist are doing. How is this offensive? I do not see them disrespecting their culture. All I see is that they are appreciating the culture and how beautiful it really is with all the astonishing colors and the beautiful jewels. Reading Sheeba’s blog which explained that her native culture is the Indian culture. As I kept reading, her blog answered the questions I had.

My first question was, how do the people who have lived in the Indian culture feel about what these artist are doing. The answer I got was that they do not take this offensively, but almost the opposite. As Sheeba said that “I am proud at the fact that my culture is taken into such high accord and considered to be portrayed in such a gorgeous way”. She also explained what cultural appropriation means, and with her agreeing shows that she appreciates the artists appropriation for her native culture.

My opinion for this segment, is that these artist are not out there to be offensive to other cultures. I do not see why that would be not only accepted in society but if those people could actually think about doing it in the first place. People can think what they want and try to trash talk the artist and performers that make a music video that they feel is being offensive to cultures and in this case the Indian culture, I think that you are not going to be able to change these peoples minds. People are going to stand to what there opinion is, but if the people that are Indina and have lived in that culture do not think that it is offensive, then I do not see a problem in what these artist are doing.


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