In Response to “The Root Of Cultural Appropriation “

I really want to know where appropriation for anything came from. I think its cool to have an appropriation of something, but I do not feel as to why? The more that I see that having appropriation for something such as a culture or music or anything to that effect I feel is something that is very respectful in society.

The biggest thing why I feel it is respectful is that having the appropriation or the appreciation of something like a culture lets you experience that in depth and know what it is from that cultures perspective.

If you take the example of the Chinese culture I responded to a while back gives a good example of what the appropriation of a culture really is. Why is it? The reason why is that the Chinese culture is such a diverse culture. The United States tries to bring that culture with bringing in the version of their food. Which from what I have heard and understand that it is not close to the same as the food back home, But if you have the appropriation for the culture you can take a trip to China to experience the culture and the actual life of their culture.

I feel like the root of appropriation came first to the culture. I think the second one is the appropriation of music. With that comes a vast variety of genres and types of music from cultures around the world. That is why I feel that the second place the appropriation went to because music is in all cultures around the world.


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