A Reflective Post – Sheeba Mathew

In all honesty I have never had to make a blog post before this semester and at first it was kind of tedious, but it was actually eye-opening. Being able to reflect each week was interesting. Being able to hold conversations in a sense was a new experience over all. The first type of appropriation we learned about was aesthetic appropriation. Previously I had known and recognized few pieces of artwork that resembled famous pieces and such but I didn’t realize that  artistic appropriation happened quite often. Although each piece had a different purpose, it was still appropriation because it took something without recognizing the culture behind it. I definitely see appropriation more clearly in artwork I didn’t see before. Because art is inspired by other sources, it may be hard to actually determine the originality of a concept or idea of a piece of art. For example in class we had looked at different renditions of the “Mona Lisa”. Direct copying or copying a style of creation of art is still appropriation.

Moving on we looked at cultural appropriation and spent quite a lot of time on this part of appropriation. Cultural appropriation is taking aspects or copying the cultural and using it for other purposes without properly addressing the culture. A big issue that I learned about was that people  who were appropriated from tended to feel insulted and “used”. Stereotypes were were encouraged even. But cultural appropriation is something we all come across in everyday lives through clothing, song styles, language, and stories. Like with Beyonce and the Macklemore’s music video, using another culture brings about an uproar about misrepresentation of a culture and the people of the culture. At times I believe we pay much too much attention to cultural appropriation like in the situation of the music video. Those people just seemed to appreciate Indian culture and did not do anything to per say go against the culture on purpose. I never really paid attention to the ideas of appropriation before this class, but now i can notice it in films, stories and images I see weekly.


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