Justin Bieber: Nothing New


In response to numerous critics claiming that Justin Bieber is guilty of cultural appropriation, he states that it’s “only hair”. More than anything, I feel as though Justin Bieber is fully aware of the stunts that he pulls. It is one of the many acts of cultural appropriation that he has engaged in and it surely will not be the last.

This article makes it very clear how Justin Bieber feels about having dreadlocks, “Changing one’s hairstyle is rather like getting a new hair cut. It is always a refreshing experience.”. However, the writer does not thoroughly convey his personal opinion toward the matter. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see the race of the author however there were no photographs associated with his name and the article. Despite the lack of self portraits, it becomes blatantly obvious that the writer is not black simply because of the side that the article took. There is never a moment where I felt as though Justin Bieber was outright accused and called out for his action. The article even includes two tutorial videos demonstrating how to obtain Justin Bieber’s hairstyle for white people.

“Why this matters?” is always the most important question when determining why a certain group of people care about someone such as Justin Bieber, appropriating a certain culture. The article claims that the main problem in the close association of dreads with black people.

An interesting point that the article highlights is the confusion as to whether or not Justin Bieber actually wants to be black. I never thought of it this way simply because Justin Bieber is only taking bits and pieces of the black culture and displaying them. He is not fully indulging or appreciating all of its aspects.



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