Response to Aliyah

In Response to Aliyah

I agree with Aliyah, the look of Justin Bieber is a very big deal to people in the world. He might say it is a change, that there is no problem with having “dreadlocks” but my person opinion is that people will look at this and be negative. Even people I talk to says that the hairstyle is gross.

His image was one of the best when he first started out. He was on commercials, he was all over television, and with his fame his social media was the most popular. By the age of 17 he had the most followers on twitter then anyone else in the world. As of today he has 77.1 million followers and is still going. Why is this a problem? If you see how his image has been changing many parents of these little kids that are big fans of him, do not like it and think it is not right.

Do I feel that Justin Bieber has a bad image and went off the deep end? I do not think so, I feel that if you make a couple bad decisions and do a couple things that people might look down on makes you a terrible person? A big majority of people would say that and agree with it.

The more you look on the internet you find more and more hate websites, and it is unbelievable to see how many that is really is. Its unbelievable because of even though he has such a big fan base, which is like 77 million plus, he still gets the most hate out of anyone.


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